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Whether you're housing your animals at Tomten whilst on holiday or not, you can now use Tomten's Grooming Salon, where your dog or cat can be bathed, groomed or trimmed by qualified and experienced Tomten staff.

Q: My pet has never been in boarding kennels before. Will he/she be alright?

A: Perhaps surprisingly, new boarders quickly get used to the routine. During the first few days, we watch all newcomers especially carefully to ensure they are eating and contented. If you are worried how your pet will adapt to boarding, we suggest a trial stay, please see our Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding pages.

Q: How old does my puppy/kitten have to be to board?

A: We do not board animals under 6 months of age usually. Younger animals are still in the process of settling into their new home and learning toilet training. Boarding before 6 months may disrupt home routine and training at an important stage.

Q: I adopted an adult dog/cat from an animal charity a couple of months ago. When will he/she be ready to board at Tomten?

A: Usually 6 months is sufficient settling in time for a re-homed pet. A trial stay might be recommended. See our Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding pages.

Q: What vaccinations does my pet need to stay at Tomten?

A: For all our boarders' protection, we need to see your pet's up-to-date vaccination records and vaccination history. Your vet will advise which annual boosters are needed. We require dogs to have a kennel cough vaccination too. Nobivac KC is recommended as this lasts for 12 months. Intrac is acceptable but only lasts for 6 months. With either vaccine, please ensure it is given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding in case of a reaction to the vaccine.

Q: How much exercise will my dog have whilst boarding?

A: All our dog boarders are walked, on a lead, in our private fields twice daily, even in very hot weather, when a wander under the trees is always welcome. We walk our boarders in the rain too! Elderly dogs can take just a short stroll if that is what they prefer.

Q: My pet has special food and/or is on medication. Can I be sure he/she will get the food he/she likes and be given his/her pills?

A: All special dietary and medical needs are noted from the boarding form you fill out and our staff makes sure these are administered daily, or as specified. Please bring special diets or medication with your pet, both clearly labelled. Medication should be in veterinary dispensed containers with your pet's name on it.

Q: What can I bring with my pet to make him/her feel at home?

A: We encourage our boarders to bring their favourite toys with them. Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets' own beds because of the very strict hygiene code at Tomten and limited laundry facilities. Our pet bedding is disposable.

Q: Can my cat and dog board together, sharing accommodation?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Dogs and cats are boarded separately to ensure the security and welfare of all our animals.

Q: What if my pet is taken ill while he/she is staying with you?

A: The veterinary clinic, Wellpet, is on the same site as Tomten and in the unlikely event of illness, your pet will receive immediate veterinary attention. We will also liase with your own vet for matters of ongoing treatment.

Q: Will my pet be safe at Tomten?

A: Both the kennels and cattery have double security gates and these are locked at all times. The Tomten site is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and entry to the kennels and cattery is only allowed with a member of staff.

Q: My pet loves attention. Will he/she be stroked and played with while boarding at Tomten?

A: All our boarders have lots of human contact while they are staying with us. Please advise us of their favourite games.

Q: Do you offer collection and/or delivery?

A: We don't, but we can recommend Barbara at "Pets to Vets". She offers a reliable and safe service and has the correct insurance to transport your pets. Kindly ensure that your Tomten account is settled in full before Barbara returns your pet home. Pet to Vets. Tel: 07956 531611