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Each one of the 28 dog kennels at Tomten has both an indoor and outdoor section. Inside, there is plenty of room to walk about, stretch and play with toys as well as a big, comfortable bed. The purpose-built, spacious building has two lines of kennels facing towards each other across a wide corridor so the dogs can see each other as well as the staff working in the kennels area. However, dogs cannot see into adjacent kennels so shy dogs can be private and not feel intruded upon. The outside run, attached to each kennel, allows the dog to exercise and has a view onto the open fields beyond. The kennels are totally secure as entry is only from a coded keypad and strong wire fencing encloses the outside runs. We are usually happy to have dogs from the same family sharing a kennel.

Heating and Air Conditioning

In the winter, the kennels are warmed by individually controlled under floor heating. There is also an overhead heating system and each kennel has air extraction, which keeps the environment warm and dry and minimises air borne infections. In summertime, the overhead heating system is used as air conditioning, blowing cool air in from outside, and the air is extracted at a fast rate to keep the dogs in cool, fresh surroundings.

Feeding and Medicines

Our dogs are usually fed twice a day. The very young and elderly may have different needs. Please advise us if your pet has any favourite food or food intolerances. Pets' own diets may be brought in for their stay - sometimes this can be very helpful to minimise any tummy upsets to sensitive animals. If your pet is on any medication, please provide an adequate supply for his/her stay, in the original container only please.


All dogs are walked twice a day in our private fields. Dogs who get on and are friendly can be walked together to give them a chance to interact.


The dog kennels are locked at all times and can only be accessed by staff through a code locked door.

Grooming and Bathing

All our boarders receive regular basic grooming. However, if your pet's coat is very long, high maintenance or matted on arrival, we will make a charge for grooming. Dogs staying longer than a week will usually be bathed before they go home.

Our Daily Routine

Each morning at Tomten every boarder's accommodation is thoroughly cleaned, their bedding checked and their water bowls washed and re-filled. A close eye is kept on each boarder to make sure he/she is eating properly and settling in well, especially during the first few days or if he/she has not boarded with us before. We keep a chart of each boarder's daily eating habits and toilet activities, which enables us to spot any unusual behaviour and treat it if necessary. As Tomten is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can act immediately in the unlikely event of illness or accident.

The Wellpet Veterinary Practice

In the unlikely event of your pet becoming ill whilst boarding at Tomten, we are able to seek immediate, professional help from the Wellpet Veterinary Clinic on site. There are 2 full-time vets and 4 veterinary nurses at Wellpet and the surgery is modern and is fitted with up-to-date veterinary equipment.

If your pet becomes ill

If required, we will contact you, or the person you have nominated in your absence, to tell you of your pet's illness, and about any necessary treatment.

Wellpet will liase with your pet's own vet for any previous medical history.


Included in our pricing structure is a provision for veterinary insurance with Petplan so, should your pet become ill whilst staying at Tomten, veterinary treatment administered during the boarding period is covered and does not have to be claimed on your policy. There are however some exclusions to this provision, including hereditary illnesses, those aged 16 or over, and previous or chronic ailments, which are not covered by our policy. Insurance to cover visits of 30 days or more, would need to be discussed, as extra policy conditions and a possible extra cost.

If your pet is already receiving treatment from your own vet when boarding commences, we will liase with your vet to discuss ongoing conditions. Please advise your vet that your pet will be coming to stay at Tomten.

Collection & Delivery

If you are unable to bring or collect your pet for his/her stay at Tomten, we recommend a delivery/collection service called "Pets to Vets". Please enquire about this service when making your booking. Please see our FAQs page for further details.

Trial Stays

Trial stays can be very beneficial for dogs that are nervous, new to boarding or have been rescued. We suggest a 2 night/3 day period during a quiet time of the year so we have extra time to introduce your dog to our routine and to get to know their personality. At the end of this trial stay, we will have a good idea whether your dog will be happy to board with us while you are away. If the outcome is positive, the next time your dog comes to stay it will be easier for all concerned. However, there are a few dogs who do not adapt well to boarding and if we feel this is the case with your dog, we will be honest about it as we don't want unhappy boarders or clients. Please speak to a member of Tomten staff if you are interested in a trial stay.

Our Reception Times

Monday to Saturday:
10am - 12noon and 2.30pm - 3.30pm

10am - 12noon only

Bank Holidays: Closed

Please see our FAQs page for further information.

The Busy Periods

Most regular clients book their pets into Tomten 6-9 months in advance to be sure of a reservation. Christmas and the New Year, Easter, other Bank Holidays and the Summer school holidays are our busiest times. Due to the high demand for places during all Bank Holidays and during the months of July and August, we find it necessary to make a minimum charge equivalent to 5 days boarding during these times. We find that most boarders stay at Tomten for that length of time so we consider this fairer than charging higher prices across the board during the busy periods.

Sometimes we ARE able to accomodate short notice bookings during our busy periods. Please telephone to check availability.


We regret that unless we receive 3 weeks written notice of your pet's boarding cancellation, we must charge for the full cost of his/her intended stay with us.

Refusing Boarding

We reserve the right to refuse to board any animal which we consider is unfit, or unsuitable, for boarding. This is as much for the protection of our other boarders as it is for us. We want all our boarders to be well and happy at Tomten.

Vaccination Policy For All Boarders at Tomten

All dogs must have full and up-to-date vaccinations. In addition, our boarders must also be vaccinated against kennel cough. We recommend Nobivac KC, which lasts for 12 months. Please ensure that these vaccinations are given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding, in case your dog reacts to the vaccine. While not all boarding kennels insist on this particular vaccination, we do because kennel cough spreads amongst dogs easily and is a very unpleasant illness. For your dog's first visit of each year to Tomten, we need to see his/her vaccination records, please.

Your petís vaccinations (including kennel cough and boosters ) must be given at least at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Any animal which is not sufficiently vaccinated will not be accepted for boarding.

Please telephone Tomten during our reception hours to check availability on 01923 856 264.

Once we have confirmed your reservation, please download and print out the booking form and annual contract, fill in all the details requested and send it to:

Tomten Kennels & Cattery
15 London Road

Please note:
One contract is required per calendar year and a booking form for each for your pet's first visit of 2018 we need a booking form AND A CONTRACT (we either won't have your address or the dates you wish to book if both forms are not sent to us).

2018 Forms

Have we had a 2018 contract from you?
If not, please complete one and submit it along with your booking form.

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